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    Halfway : Tileset creation using “Pyxel Edit”
    A stunning timelapse video by Simon Bachmann, recorded last year.
    It’s really inspiring to watch him pushing pixels for the Halfway game. 

    Follow Simon Bachmann on Twitter:

    Halfway Game:

    If you are interested in doing pixel art and haven’t found the right tool yet, check out “Pyxel Edit”:


    I really like this a lot

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    "What doesn’t kill you just isn’t finished yet."

    Please dont ruin my rat.

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    Stephen King being Stephen King

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Livestreamthing7 Cloud Golem by kingkostas
  10. That last game of league has broken me. 4v5 GG easy win right? nope, we had a Shaco that would never ever be with the team, he was either farming the jungle (when we were pushing into their base) or split pushing which actually was fine. but my team refused to think of anything but fighting 24/7 even after losing like 4 fights in a row.